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Hotel Paramuru offers 24 hotel rooms including an exclusive penthouse. All rooms furnished in a traditional Surinamese style!


  • Accomodates 1-2 persons
  • Breakfast included
  • 45 per night


  • Accomodates 3 persons
  • Breakfast included
  • 60 per night


  • Accomodates 4 persons
  • Breakfast included
  • 70 per night


  • Accomodates 2 persons
  • Breakfast included
  • Immense open terrace
  • 60 per night

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Who Are We?

Hotel Paramuru is a four story building with 24 rooms and a marvelous pent-house on top. The penthouse has an immense open terrace overlooking the top-view of the city. The unique design of the building is due to the Surinamese influences.

Great features

  • Warm hospitality
  • Easy accessible
  • Walking distance of Downtown Paramaribo
  • Traditional Surinamese furnished rooms
This is a great hotel when you want an immediate impression of Suriname. You can feel the warmth of the hospitality the moment you walk in the door. Will return soon definately
David K.
Me and my family had an amazing trip in Suriname. Our main thanks goes to hotel Paramuru for the great service and hospitality! Looking forward to our next family trip to this great country
Luca P.
Let me just say the price per night fit right into our budget! This hotel really lives up to their slogan, and yes we really did get a real taste of Suriname. I would recommend tremendously
Cynthia M.
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