Hotel Paramuru is a four story building with 24 rooms and a marvelous pent-house on top. The penthouse has an immense open terrace overlooking the top-view of the city. The unique design of the building is due to the Surinamese influences.

The name “Paramuru” is a unique and original indigenous name. Native indigenous tribes were the first inhabitants of Suriname. An interesting fact to know is that the name Paramuru was at the time of the official domain name registration on the internet in March 2007, the only hotel in the world that went by this unique name.

While visiting Suriname, we look forward to your visit at hotel Paramuru. Booking a room online is very easy through our online booking system. Just fill in the form and one of our operators will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your e-reservation.

Historic Background

In the old days, in Suriname it was customary for various houses to be built on one yard. Sometimes there were 10 houses yet it could be even more depending on the size of the yard. The block on the Waaldijkstraat and Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat, owned by Family Kalloe, in Paramaribo was also such a yard with many houses.

Because of the enormous size of this block there were 30 houses built back then. Each house belonged to a separate family and had its private household, including a typical Surinamese, antiquely designed, separate water and electricity meters. It was the customary way of living back in those days for families.

Today after so many years that same yard is the location of Hotel Paramuru, a family-owned business and the pride and joy of Mr. and Mrs. Kalloe. They are also the managers of Hotel Paramuru. Having traveled a lot in their younger years and seeing such different hotels, their dream was to have a hotel of their own.

Hotel Paramuru is the dream come true. In order to enjoy accommodation in a Surinamese way, Mr. Ramesh and Mrs. Indra Kalloe extend their warm hospitability characteristic of Suriname to all their guests. It’s located in the city and can be easily accessed by bus or taxi; at a walking distance you will find yourself in the heart of downtown Paramaribo.